Poster Session

Poster Session





Alessandra Amendola, Alessandro Grimaldi


Predicting economic indicators using textual data from Parliament verbatim reports


Veronica Bacino, Alessio Zoccarato, Caterina Liberati, Matteo Borrotti


Statistical Learning for Credit RiskModelling


Nicolò Biasetton, Marta Disegna, Luigi Salmaso


Likert-type scales variables in cluster analysis


Simone Di Zio, Yuri Calleo


Future Scenarios and Spatial Data Mining: an Application on Covid-19 Twitter data


Antonio Irpino, Marilena Barbieri, Francesca Bassi, Rosanna Verde


Who wants to publish a A paper?


Rosa Arboretti Giancristofaro, Riccardo Ceccato, Luca Pegoraro, Luigi Salmaso


Applications of Design of Experiments and machine learning on product innovation: a literature review


Simone Di Zio, Mario Bolzan, Marco Marozzi


Classification of Delphi outputs through robust ranking and fuzzy clustering for Delphi-based Future Scenarios


Riccardo Giubilei


A Density-Peak Approach to Clustering Graph-Structured Data


Marta Nai Ruscone, Dimitris Karlis


Robustness Methods for Modeling Count Data with General Dependence Structures


Ivan Sciascia, Andrea Crosino, Gennaro Carotenuto, Andrea Genre


Analysis of the spatial interdependence of nuclear size in confocal microscopy images of plant roots


Paolo Addis, Alessandra Coli, Gianfranco Francese


The employment situation of people with disabilities in Tuscany


Federico Stefanini


Evaluating Heterogeneity of Agreement with Strong Prior Information


Laura Barbieri, Elena Calegari, Enrico Fabrizi


Italian Millennials and Subjective Well-Being: the Role of Deprivation on Life Satisfaction


Fulvio De Santis & Stefania Gubbiotti


A method for incorporating historical information in non-inferiority trials


Fulvio De Santis & Stefania Gubbiotti


Optimal credible intervals under alternative loss functions