The status of SIS accredited statistician is awarded by the Accreditation Committee, based on criteria approved by SIS Board. The evaluation procedure is based on documents provided by applicant, proving her/his statistical education, training and experience. The applicant is fully responsible for the truthfulness of documents provided. SIS assures that applications and related documents will be treated in a high confidential way.
The status of accredited statistician doesn't represent any form of guarantee and the subject awarded is the only responsible of her/his work.
All the procedures concerning the accreditation program are established by SIS Board, on proposal of Accreditation Committee.
Applications and status award are subject to payment of a fee. The amount will be established by SIS Board.
The status awarded will remain in force for five years, but can be revoked in the cases indicated below (Disciplinary matters).


Any member of SIS, in good standing with membership fee, can apply for accreditation.

Educational requirements

Applicants must possess an advanced degree in methodological or applied statistics. Other degrees with a significant presence of statistical topics can be take into consideration.

Professional Requirements


Applicants must have a five years (at least) experience in statistical practice in private or public sector. They must demonstrate to possess a great and depth knowledge of statistical techniques and its application and to be able to take responsibility for statistical work. Any practical statistical experience can be taken into consideration.
The following list is just as an indication and it is not exhaustive

- responsible for projects with a significant presence of statistical techniques and models
- undertaking statistical analysis and reporting the results
- responsible for interpretation and presentation of public statistics
- statistical consultant
- teaching statistics on practical basis, professional training in the field


Applicants will be requested to document carefully their activity and to provide evidence of high quality of their work. To comply with these requests, applicants must:

a) provide copy of documents showing their works
Any kind of document is useful: technical reports, publications, extracts from other works that provide evidence of professional skills and competence.

b) produce at least two reference letters.
The supporting letters should be issued by persons whose statistical competence is well known and who have a firsthand knowledge of the applicant's work. The letters must attest applicant's experience and competence and any other useful topics.

Communications skills

Applicants must provide evidence of effective communication skills. Actually a professional statistician should be able to report the details and the results of a statistical project in a proper and clear way.

Ethical Code

Applicants must abide by SIS Ethical Code

Appeals against a negative decision

Applicants who are denied accreditation may appeal the decision. The appeal has to be addressed to the President of Commitee. The President and two members not involved in the previous review, consider the appeal and will vote to overturn the previous decision only if they find that the relevant information provided by the applicant was not properly understood. This decision is final, no further appeals are allowed.

Maintenance and renewal of accreditation

Accreditation covers a five years period after which a renewal request is necessary.
On this occasion applicants will provide the Committee with an up-to-date curriculum containing progress in educational status and professional experiences during the last five years, evidence of continuing statistical practice and letters of support, as described above.

Disciplinary matters

Accreditation can be revoked if the accredited member:

a) lose the status of SIS member
b) willfully acted in a manner prejudicial to SIS or to profession
c) supplied incorrect, untrue or misleading information in the application for accreditation or renewal