Associazione Italiana per gli Studi di Popolazione (Italian Association for Population Studies)


Section President:

  • Daniele Vignoli, University of Florence


Other members of the Section Scientific Council:

  • Anna Paterno (Vice-President), University of Bari
  • Manuela Stranges (Secretary), University of Calabria
  • Annalisa Busetta, University of Palermo
  • Cinzia Castagnaro, Istat
  • Dalit Contini, University of Turin
  • Giancarlo Ragozini, University of Turin
  • Agnese Vitali, University of Trento

    Section scientific aims

AISP, Italian Association for Population Studies, is the Demography Section of the Italian Statistical Society.
AISP was established in 2008 (former Gruppo per il Coordinamento della Demografia, Coordination Group of Demography). It promotes population studies and the teaching of Demography, edits publications and organizes meetings and conferences on socio-demographic issues. Currently, AISP counts about 300 members, from both Italy and abroad, and represents a meeting point among population scholars from different disciplines.
Since 1992, AISP organizes every other year the Popdays, "Populations Study Days" to promote the study and the discussion about relating popolution issues with a multidisciplinary approach. Since 2007, the Association publishes biennial reports on Italian population offering with scientific accuracy, but in an accessible way also to non-specialist, a detailed and up-to-date picture of the complexities of demographic dynamics in contemporary Italian society.
AISP members are regularly updated about demographic activities, such as conferences, workshops, schools, jobs or study opportunities. They can attend the Popdays conferences and the other meetings organized by the Scientific Board. Furthermore, AISP members have right to vote in the elections and about every motion related to the Association.

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