SIS Groups

SIS Groups

By-law Article 16:

Commissions and working groups for specific aims may be established upon Assembly or Executive Board decision. The Executive Board defines the composition, the specific mandate and the activities duration of such Commissions or working groups. For the organization of the Scientific Meetings, the Executive Board appoints a Scientific Committee and an Organizing Committee.

SIS Groups - Within the Society are established some working groups responsible for specific tasks and activities or for promoting particular research domains. The groups work crosswise within the SIS to disseminate, foster and attune scientific research on wide-ranging topics relevant to Statistics. SIS keeps with the groups unity of purpose and allows members to organize activities more pertinent to their scientific areas of interest. The groups carry out their own administrative management within that of the Society's one.

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S2G - Metodologie per le Indagini Campionarie (Survey Sampling Methodologies)
SVQS - Statistica per la Valutazione e la Qualità nei Servizi (Statistics for the Evaluation and Quality Services)
VSP - Valorizzazione delle Statistiche Pubbliche (Public Statistics Valorization)
Y-SIS - young SIS
GRASPA - Gruppo di Ricerca per le Applicazioni della Statistica ai Problemi Ambientali (Research Group for Statistical Applications to Environmental Problems)
SDS - Statistica e Data Science (Statistics and Data Science)
DIAS - Dati, Indicatori e Analisi per la Sostenibilità (Data, Indicators and Sustainability Analysis)
FutureSis - Metodologie Statistiche per i Futures Studies e il Foresight Strategico (Statistical Methodologies for Futures Studies and Strategic Foresight)