Group Coordinator:

  • Pierfrancesco Alaimo Di Loro (Università LUMSA)


Group Treasurer and Secretary:

  • Fabio Centofanti (Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II)


Board Members

  • Filippo Ascolani (Università Bocconi)
  • Veronica Ballerini (Università di Firenze)
  • Giorgia Zaccaria (Università Milano Bicocca)


Group Scientific Aims:

y-SIS, abbreviation for young-SIS, is a group of the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) which fosters social activities, organizes events/sessions at scientific conferences and promotes meeting opportunities and online platforms for young Statistics students.
These activities aim to exchange ideas, discuss research, promote young researchers participation at scientific meetings and connect with other European and International scientific societies young groups. y-SIS group fosters and coordinates a number of events, including StaTalks, Stats Under the Stars (SUS) and Start Up Research.

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