Gruppo di Ricerca per le Applicazioni della Statistica ai Problemi Ambientali
(Research Group for Statistical Applications to Environmental Problems)

Group Coordinator:

  • Francesco Lagona,  University of Rome 3



  • Laura Sangalli, Polytechnic University of Milan



  • Massimo Ventrucci, University of Bologna


Board Member

  • Ilaria Prosdocimi, University of Venice "Ca' Foscari"
  • Mariangela Sciandra, University of Palermo


Group Scientific Aims:

GRASPA, Research Group for Statistical Applications to Environmental Problems, is an environmental Statisticians group active since 1995. GRASPA SIS was established on May 2013 as a permanent working group of the Italian Statistical Society to promote research related to methods and applications of Statistics to environment, sustainability and safety issues.
GRASPA SIS members develop interdisciplinary research in the fields of air and water quality, epidemiology, earth science, climate change, ecology and sustainable exploitation of resources. Methodologically, the group carries out research on theoretical developments and applications in the field of spatial and spatio-temporal modelling, functional data analysis, spatial and spatio-temporal sampling and extreme values. GRASPA SIS promotes co-operation and view interchange among statisticians, environmental scientists, policy makers and government agencies, fostering participation in projects, workshops and international conferences and collaborating with other scientific societies.

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